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Turn2® Refillable Earplug Dispenser

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Introducing the Turn2™ disposable earplug dispenser by HexArmor®, designed to make hearing compliance fast and easy on your worksite. This robust, wall-mounted dispenser requires minimal installation and can be set up in any area of your site, as needed, for quicker worker access.

  • Quick-turn, controlled release system delivers only one plug with each turn
  • Prevents several pairs from being dispensed at once, avoiding spills, dirty or wasted product, and potential contamination
  • Magnetic option available for flexible use on all magnetic surfaces
  • Includes collecting tray to catch earplugs
  • Holds up to 600 pairs of safeComm® and accuFit® earplugs and 800 pairs of simpleFit® earplugs (also compatible with non-HexArmor® brands)
  • Standard and magnetic mounting options available

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