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The TFX Is a fully enclosed automatic top and face grinding machine for circular saw blades up to 36” (Optional 42”) diameter. The automatic CNC operation allows the operator to continue his/her work as the machine sharpens the saws. Multi pass grinding and program saving make the TFX the ideal machine for any production or repair facility.

  • ​Automatic operation with tooth counter

  • High precision bearings and linear slides 

  • CNC multi pass grinding 

  • CNC feed finger system I

  • CNC servo motion system

  • Variable pitch with CNC axis

  • Back to back facing and topping grinding wheels

  • Wheel lift-off

  • Heavy duty construction

  • CNC controlled

  • Grinding feed adjustment

  • Adjustable saw clamps

  • Centralized lubrication (manual)

  • 1 HP grinding motor

  • CE/CSA/UL Standard

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